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June 2, 2016
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June 2, 2016
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Best Chinese Restaurants In The United States

After getting the US ESTA VISA and if you crave for Chinese cuisines, then your vacation in the United States will be even more fun than you can imagine because whichever state you’re going to visit, you’ll find a world-class Chinese restaurant. Here is a partial list of some authentic restaurants you should try.

Ping Pang Pong in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, Ping Pang Pong, which is housed inside the famous off-strip Gold Coast & Casino, is arguably the best place where Chinese can find their hometown specialties such as Sichuan(salt-and-pepper frog legs), Cantonese(dim sum served on pushcarts) as well as double-braised scallop hot pot just to mention a few. Another standout in this restaurant is the night market fried rice, which is a fulfilling mix of tender beef that is tossed with bean sprouts, tomatoes and chiles.

Koi Palace, Daily City, CA

While it is well known for dim sum, Koi Palace, which brings to mind a southern Chinese teahouse, is even a better place for anyone seeking seafood. The 450-seat restaurant is complete with a koi pond and tanks that are full of huge crab and rock cod. So, whenever you crave for Shanghai crab dumplings and lobster, or jellyfish and abalone as well as roasted suckling pig, pleasantly crispy and tender, you can always come to this restaurant.

Mandarin, Salt Lake City

Run by Greek-American Angel Manfredini alongside qualified Chinese and Hispanic cooks, Mandarin is the best Chinese restaurant you’ve never been to. Moreover, if you’re a fan of Chinese dishes that have been Americanized, this restaurant has it all.

Mission Chinese Food

Opened as a pop-up restaurant many years ago, it has so far evolved to two award-winning Chinese restaurants with one in San Francisco and another one in Manhattan. Known for merging tradition with innovation, the famous chef Danny Bowien who is a Korean by birth prepares “Americanized Oriented Food” including salt-cold fried rice, Kung pao pastrami and ma po tofu for prices you won’t find in any restaurant in San Fransico or Manhattan.

Chung King, Los Angeles

Among many authentic Chinese restaurants that are found in SoCal’s San Gabriel Valley, Chung King tops the list. The secrete behind its success are dishes such as beef casseroles, ma po tofu as well as fried chicken with hot peppers and the spicy and tender water-boiled fish. So, if you’ll be visiting Los Angeles during your vacation, you know what to do especially when you get hungry for Chinese food.

Spicy & Tasty in Ney York City

This restaurant with brightly lit dining room is not only immaculate and comfortable, but it’s also minimal and efficient. Built in Flushing, which is a neighborhood of Queens, Spicy & Tasty is well known for its beef tendon and sliced conch, which are served in a red chile sauce. If you’re not spiced-obsessed, then the restaurant is also praised for their double-cooked pork belly lambs home-style, which have garnered rave reviews for their dry, balanced sauces. Be sure to try the shredded dry beef with spicy sauce and the good news is that you won’t be asked for any corkage fee.

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