ESTA rules for children and infants from Visa Waiver Countries.

Apply ESTA VISA for children

Yes, accompanied and unaccompanied children who are nationals or natives of visa waiver nations are required to have their own ESTA endorsement before travelling to the U.S.

If you have completed an ESTA application for a minor, you should check the second alternative on the Waiver of Rights segment (Third Parties Only). You should understand the terms of ESTA in the interests of your children, and you should answer the questions honestly as their guardian.

Those children listed on their guardian’s identification don't qualify for ESTA. Children must have their own (un-terminated) visa so as to meet all requirements for ESTA.

Children’s passports (Kinderreisepass) are not qualified for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), unless issued or reached before or on 26th October 2006. The report should then meet regular VWP qualification necessities in that it be machine-clear and if issued/reestablished/reached on or after October 26, 2005, have an advanced photo of the carrier incorporated into the personal information page. All Children's ID (Kinderausweis) require a visa and are not qualified for the VWP.