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Mistake in ESTA application

The Site permits candidates to view and correct their information before presenting the application, including reconfirming the travel permit number. Before presenting an application with the required payment information, you can redress all application information fields aside from the passport number and identification issuing country. In the event that a candidate made an error on their travel permit or true to life data he or she should present another application. A related expense will be charged for each new application submitted. Other oversights may be redressed or redesigned by clicking "Check Singular Status" under "Check ESTA Status". If the traveller committed an error in noting the qualification questions, please click on the CBP Data Center Connection at the base of every page.

Imagine a scenario in which I Overlooked MY APPLICATION NUMBER.

To recover an Individual Application, select "Check ESTA Status" on the Landing page. In the event that you don't know your application number, enter your family name, first (given) name, passport issuing country, your visa number and application date.