Question about dual citizenship.

Procedure to apply ESTA Visa - Dual Citizenship.

Every Visa Waiver Program traveller must have an affirmed travel approval for the passport they plan to use before they travel to the United States. In the case of a traveller having a new passport, they should present another travel approval application in ESTA. A predetermined fee will be charged for each new application submitted.
If you have dual citizenship and have enrolled with ESTA, you should use your VWP-qualified travel permit when getting onto the plane when you leave your country of flight and when you land in the U.S. If both your countries of citizenship are VWP-qualified, then we emphatically suggest you pick the one you need to assert for purposes of travelling to the U.S. and utilize that nation's passport each time you travel. One individual with two distinctive ESTA approvals complicates matters and may defer your travel.
If you are a subject of the U.S., furthermore of a VWP country, try not to apply for ESTA. One of the necessities of being a naturalised U.S. citizen is that you apply for, and utilise, a U.S. passport for your travels. While we know that sometimes, naturalised U.S. natives use their other country’s passport to travel, our desire is that you will use the U.S. passport to make a trip from another country to the U.S. for both purposes of travel, withdrawing the outside nation, and touching down in the U.S.