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Passport Requirements

The United States entry requirements are completely different according to nationality and country. If your country is not listed in the below VWP list then you need the U.S. Visa; for this you need to visit the American Embassy of your country to find out more details about the documents required for the visa. If your country is listed in the VWP then you are eligible for the ESTA Visa, which you can use to travel for the limited period of 90 days. However, before applying for ESTA you should check the list of required documents.

Andorra Andora
Australia Australia
Austria  Austria
Belgium Belgium
Brunei Brunei
Chile Chile
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Finland Finland

France France
Germany Germany
Greece  Greece
Hungary Hungary
Iceland Iceland
Ireland Ireland
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
Latvia Latvia
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein

Lithuania Lithuania
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Malta  Malta
Monaco Monaco
Netherlands Netherlands
 New Zealand New Zealand
Norway Norway
Portugal Portugal
San Marino San Marino

Singapore Singapore
Slovakia Slovakia
Slovenia  Slovenia
South Korea South Korea
Spain Spain
  Sweden Sweden
 Switzerland Switzerland
 Taiwan Taiwan
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Required Documents

Their are different rules for different countries and different rules for different visas, but if you are VWP applicant and seeking entry under the VWP scheme then you are not required to show any document to the immigration department as the DHS has created a centralized system for the traveler's convenience in which the traveler need to verify their biomatric information at the automatic kiosk available at the seaport/airport or at the CBP desk.

  • All travelers (including infants and children) under the Visa Waiver Program must have a Machine Readable Passport (E-Passport) issued on or after October 26th 2006, and the validity must extend 6 months beyond the traveler’s planned date of departure to the United States (unless exempted by nation-specific agreements).
  • Citizens of Malta, Latvia, The Republic of Korea, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Chile, and Hungary: E-Passport with an integrated chip containing information from the passport data page.
  • There is one extra requirement for Taiwanese citizens i.e. National Identification Number, and the passport should be an E-Passport with an integrated chip containing information from the passport data page.
  • Citizens of Slovenia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Brunei, Japan, San Marino, Finland, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Iceland, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Austria, Monaco, Belgium, Italy, Andorra, France and the United Kingdom vary depending on the date of passport issuance. Please continue reading for further details.

What is E-Passport

Travelers must travel with a valid Machine Readable passport, also know as epassport which can be used at the automatic kiosk or by the officials issued after October 26th 2006. The epassport is integrated with an electronic chip with a data of digital photograph, biometric and biographic information. Please refer to the image on your right, epassport can easily identified by the symbol on the front cover as shown on the image.
You can still travel without the epassport as described, please check the three main conditions to travel without obtaining the visa.

  • If your country is enrolled for this program prior to 2008.
  • Your passport issuance date must before 26th October 2005.
  • Digital photograph is mandatory and issued after October 2005 to October 2006.

You are not permitted for the ESTA if the passport issuance date mentioned on your passport is 26/10/2006 or after this, and its a simple passport.

Digital Photograph

You cannot apply for the ESTA if your passport is issued without the your digital photograph as described on the image on the right side. The only option for you is to apply a visa from the embassy in your country. Information related to the tourist or business visa is available on the embassy front counter.

Machine readable

Machine-readable zone on your passport is mandatory for the travelers, this can easily be identified by the two lines of code on the passport personal page in which the text is replaced with the letter and the number is replaced with the chevrons (<<<). Please check the image available on your right to know more about the the zone.

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Requirements for ESTA VISA

As per the immigration rules, a visitor from any country needs a visa or ESTA to enter to the United States.The rules are different for different countries according to the foreign policy tie-ups with the United States. At present there are only 38 countries across the globe whose citizens are only required to obtain an ESTA to visit the U.S. for a short trip of 90 days. Most of the countries on the list are from the European Union; these include countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and many more (list mentioned above). Their nationals and citizens are not required to complete the visa formalities to visit as a tourist or for any business purposes, and the transit U.S. ESTA is a very easy process for both “Applicant” and the DHS – U.S. to pre-screen the applicant eligibility before they board an airplane or ship, and for applicant it takes 5 minutes to fill in the complete the application and pay the fee online without any hurdles. After receiving your application the DHS officials will review it, and if you are eligible then they will email your entry permit to your registered email ID, which you mentioned at the time of filling in your application.