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The United States Visa Waiver Program is an online screening process by DHS which is used to allow the foreign nationals from 38 countries to enter via signatory carrier after getting the authorization to the United States, for stays of 3 months or less for the purposes trade or pleasure without applying for a visa. If you are applying for ESTA for the entry then you must agree to surrender your privileges to review or petition, as mentioned in the Waiver of Rights terms and conditions. To apply for authorization to travel to the U.S. you need to fill in the ESTA application and fill in basic biographic information; details from your VWP qualified passport, your current or prior employer, your address, an emergency contact details, point of contact in U.S., and you must answer eight security questions. Pay the ESTA fee related with the Travel Promotion Act of 2009, and after that review your application for accuracy. If there are any mistakes then contact the ESTA Helpline immediately. Your ESTA application details may be shared by the DHS under the agreement with Department of State to determine whether a United States Visa should be given to the applicant after ESTA has been denied. The information is also shared with some other United States government departments like local, federal, tribal, and foreign governmental agencies to examine or take legal action against any violations where DHS believes the details would support the enforcement of civil or criminal laws.

Your ESTA information which you have submitted in your application will not be shared by the DHS with the carriers you are travelling from; the DHS will only share your ESTA status via the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) representing whether an ESTA is mandatory and whether the ESTA authorization has been approved. It is always recommended by the DHS for tourists to take the printout of the ESTA authorization to maintain records like the application number, and to have proof of their approved ESTA status.

Benefits of the Visa Waiver Program

The main advantage of using the Visa Waiver Program if your nation meets the procedure and criteria qualifies for it is skipping the visa application process if your trip is of a short duration of 90 days or less. The VWP allows right to entry for tourists without any problems in completing the paperwork or standing in a queue to receive a visa. One more travel reason the VWP was intended for was for trade tourism. Travel for business purposes to the U.S is now easier to setup on a worldwide level of ease. The VWP has facilitated the growth of international trade, possibilities of growth, shared thoughts and increased trade deals. The tourism sector of United States is rapidly increasing after lifting strict rules to enter, and entry is now easy for the citizens of VWP countries who previously thought that the visa process was very lengthy.

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Check eligibility under the Visa Waiver Program.

star Plan to enter the U.S for 90 days or less for trade, pleasure or transit.
star Must have valid passport issued to you by a participating country.
star Arrive via a VWP signatory carrier. No personal plan/boat
star Have a return or onward ticket
star Travel may not finish in nearby region or closest islands unless the tourist is a resident of one of those areas.
star Must be the citizen of participating country
star You must satisfy the United States Customs and Border Protection officer in the inspection procedure that you not prohibited under the U.S Immigration and Nationality Act and permitted to enter under the VWP.
star Endorse, through the submission of biometric identifiers including photographs upon arrival in the United States.
star Not create any type threat to the safety, or security, welfare of the United States.
star Have complied with all conditions of any previous admission under the Visa Waiver Program.

Disadvantages of using the Visa Waiver Program
star After entering in the U.S on the approved ESTA, you cannot modify or extend your non-immigrant status.
star If the CBP offices denied your admission, you have no right to appeal to admissibility.
star If you are found to have violated the conditions under the VWP, you also have no right to review or appeal, other than on the basis of an application for asylum, any removal action arising from an application for admission under the Visa Waiver Program.

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