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Amusement Parks In The United States
February 16, 2015
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June 2, 2016
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Best American Forests Perfect For A Fall Visit

As you head to U.S.A. this autumn, it’s great that you’ve decided you’ll visit the woods. The United States has about 155 National Forests, which occupies 8.5% of its total land area. Here is the list of American forests perfect for a fall visit:

Great Smoky Mountains National Parks

In case you’ll be in Tennessee and North Carolina, then you should drive to the most popular national park in the country. Great Smoky Mountains National Park contains rare old-grown hardwood forests and it’s also a home to rare creatures such as giant hellbender salamanders. Come and see for yourself why the forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Superior National Forest in Minnesota

Superior National Forest is a northern reserve that offers a vast forest and wonderful canoeing along with variety of recreational opportunities within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This northern reserve bridges into the wild scenery of Canada, where there is a transition from pine hardwoods and boreal forests. You’ll also have an opportunity to see lynx, moose and wolves among other wild animals.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire

This New England reserve is known for its inspiring landscape. The fall is very beautiful here and you’ll love how the birch, beech and maple resemble a bowl of fruit loops bearing all the colors.

Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida

These exceptional subtropical forests of southern Florida comprise cypress swamps and hardwood hammocks with trees such as West Indian mahogany and gumbo limbo among other cool worldly plant communities. The preserve that stretches for miles is actually a mesh of forest, marsh, water and prairie. You can access the area through sites such as Everglades National Park, and Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.

Tongass National Forest in Alaska

Tangass National Forest is the world’s largest intact temperature rain forest. Just like everything in Alaska, the forest is very huge covering 17 million acres. The park is a home to many islands, mountains and glaciers. It also has massive stands of Sitka spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock not mentioning Alaskan (yellow) cedar.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California

Calaveras is one of the reserves where you can still find true giants. Sequoia trees are bigger in this park and they can live for about 3,000 years. In fact, it’s among the forests that inspire conservationists.

Baxter State Park in Maine

This huge North Maine Woods in the corner of New England sits on over 3.5 million acres of both public and private land. It’s actually a hardwood forest of birch, maples and beech trees. I bet you’ll fall in love with its inspiring landscape.

Redwood national and state parks in California

If you’re going to be in California even for a day, you should schedule a visit to this group of state and national parks located on the south of Oregon border. This is where you’ll find the tallest trees in the world with some reaching more than 350 feet.

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