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The Top Historic U.S. Sites For Kids

Let’s be honest for a while. Many parents don’t understand how history can make a true impression on their children to an extent that they never plan their family vacations around historic sites. Because you’ve come to this site, I guess you understand how vital history is to your child’s education.
If you’re spending your holiday in the United States with your little ones, then you should consider taking them to one or more of these historic sites. These sites give your youngsters an opportunity to learn and become part of American history.

Manhattan Project – Oak Ridge, Tenn

Manhattan Project

The United States had to enter World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. For this reason, U.S. initiated the “Manhattan project” which comprised three cities that were to produce the first atomic weapons in the world. As a result, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was built purposefully for this project. Before the world new of its existence, the 59,000 acres of rural farmland grew rapidly to a population of more than 75,000 people.
Three main buildings in Oak Ridge including K-25, X-10 and Y-12 houses most of the work out of which plutonium 239 and uranium 235 for the world’s first atomic bomb was produced. You’ll find it extremely amazing to see all that which was accomplished and the extent to which people involved took in ensuring its secrecy.

Tenement Museum – New York City

Tenement Museum

Opened in 1992 in New York City by Ruth Abram, a historian and the co-founder Anita Jacobson, the Tenement Museum was aimed at honoring the migrants of America and the challenges they faced when they had to build a new life in a new country.
The guided tours that Tenement Museum offers focus on varying topics. You can choose to tour the building by “walking the neighborhood”, visit various apartments, or meet residents – costumed interpreters.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 is the fateful day when America experienced a dreadful attack on its home soil when Japan bombed its naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. At least 350 aircrafts were destroyed, over 3,500 Americans were killed or injured and eight battleships damaged or sunk. The following day, U.S. Congress declared war on Japan and after three days, the Congress again declared war on Germany, which made the entrance on the United States into World War II.
The Pearl Harbor Memorial Museum that was constructed over the remains of the sunken and destroyed battleships is located on Oahu Island and is part of the Pacific History Parks. You can tour the site together with your children. Don’t fail to see a 23-minute film that documents the attack. Touring this site and listening to the survivors’ first person accounts of this horrific event are something all adults and children should experience.

Plimoth Plantation – Plymouth, Mass

Plimoth Plantation

For a good historical experience, take your kids to Plimoth Plantation where they’ll be taken back in time when the Native Americans and the Pilgrims lived together. The interactive and learning experience that this bicultural museum provides use interpreters, exhibits as well as programs to teach the visitors about the Wampanoag people if not to explore main issues that have had influence in their community throughout the ages. At Plimoth Plantation, there are kids’ programs such as weeklong summer clubs as well as overnight 17 Century Sleepovers. Your little ones will have the choice to have either a Pilgrim or a Wampanoag experience. As a family, you can tour the Mayflower II and stroll around a Pilgrim village.

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