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June 11, 2016
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Things To See And Do Across The United States

With lots of things to do and see in U.S.A., you might not know where to begin. For that reason, I thought it would be useful to share some of the top spots and events across U.S.A. that are worth checking out in 2016.

Pearl Harbor at 75, Oahu

Pearl Harbor

If you’re visiting in December, then Hawaii is the place to be. December 7, 2016 will mark 75 years since the Japanese attack that was carried out on Pearl Harbor, which actually made the United States to enter into World War II. The National WWII Museum will be marking the anniversary by organizing a seven-night educational tour in Hawaii from December 1 to December 8. There would be a lot to learn, to see and enjoy.

Lexington, Kentucky


There are enough signs that Lexington, the Kentucky’s second largest city is now putting a twist on tradition. Having been known as a breeding ground for bourbon and horses for centuries, Lexington has recently become a hotbed of contemporary art and craft beer. If you’re visiting in spring, then be sure to book into the fifth location of the 21c Museum Hotels, which will be opened in the city this spring.
The 21c Lexington, which is housed in the momentous Fayette National Bank Building, is going to be a modern art museum, boutique hotel and restaurant in one.

Boeing at 100, Seattle


Boeing is celebrating its 100th birthday and the good news is that the independent Museum of Flight in Seattle, which is where the aerospace manufacturer was founded, will be spanning the whole of 2016.
In June 2016, the museum will unveil a massive Aviation Pavilion, where many significant Boeing aircraft are going to be on display. The pavilion will house both the first all-metal airliner, the Boeing Model 247 from 1933, the first all-composite airliner, the Boeing Model 787 Dreamliner. Also on display will be the World War II-era B-17, the models of the Boeing 727, 737 and 747.

Alaska’s national parks

Alaska’s national parks

In case you’re looking for a place where very few people have set foot, then one of the 23 national parks of Alaska is the perfect fit. In fact, 2016 is the perfect time to celebrate most unspoiled landscapes in America as the National Park Service is marking its centennial in all states. In case you’re planning to pay a visit to Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve, which is 450 miles southwest of Anchorage, you should note that you could only reach it by air or sea because it’s not accessible by a car.
If you’re looking for opportunities of solitude, then the place to be is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, which is currently the largest national park covering more than 13 million acres.



A lot is going on in Cleveland whereby new hotels and restaurants are coming up, redesigning of a $32 million Public Square and the Republican National Convention that will take place in July and so on. However, what will really get you intrigued is how these two nutritional groups blend – beer and doughnuts.
Brewnuts started only as a beer-flavored doughnut venture but from the look of things, it’s becoming a flagship doughnut-themed bar whereby the brews used in the baking are going to be available on draft. In fact, they’re going to serve concoctions such as maple bacon bourbon ale doughnuts, which are fresh from the fryer. The bar will open in spring this year and so, you know what to do.

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